Many people dream of living near the water, but a few people take it to the extreme: Living on top of the water - in a floating home. There’s something unique about floating houses that makes them incredibly appealing. It’s why this concept has been developed over the years and we now have all sorts of amazing designs, from simple floating houses to entire private islands.
  This floating house is a contemporary structure with a minimalist and stylish design. It has several levels and the lower and upper portion features a glass façade with uninterrupted views of the beautiful surrounding landscape. Because of the complexity of the design, this doesn’t seem like a vacation retreat but more like an actual luxury residence. It’s a structure that beautifully combines functionality and minimalist design, having a total surface of cca. 400 square meters. The interior is minimalist, inviting and modern. The natural cooling of the water will help keep this buildings at an ambient temperature, solar panels on the top of the house are among its eco features.