These vessels can be quite complex in design, as they need a balance between docile handling qualities, interior space, good light-wind performance and on-board comfort. The huge range of such craft, from dozens of builders worldwide, makes it hard to give a single illustrative description.

  The most common construction material is fiberglass, followed by aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, etc. The use of wood has changed and is no longer limited to traditional board-based methods, but also include modern products such as plywood, veneers, skinned balsa and epoxy resins. Wood is mostly used by hobbyists or wooden boat purists when building an individual boat. Apart from materials like carbon fiber and aramid fiber, spruce veneers laminated with epoxy resins have the best weight-to-strength ratios of all boatbuilding materials.
  Regarding pleasure yachts interiors, being cozy and conventional or minimalist and avant-garde, they always exude luxury, elegance, high-end quality and comfort.