The term sailboat covers a variety of vessels, including dinghies, keelboats and yachts. A recreational vessel designed to be propelled by wind power, or a combination of wind and engine power. While monohull sailboats are more traditional and far more common, there are many performance advantages to catamaran and trimaran sailboats, including faster speeds and more stability.

  A monohull relies on ballast for stability. Catamarans and trimarans gain stability from the distance between their multiple hulls. No meter which type of hull, sailing is more economical and environmentally friendly than any other means of propulsion. Modern sailing yachts can be equipped with electric inboard motors in order to reduce consumption of fossil fuel.

  The latest technology are outboard electric pod drives that can also regenerate electricity (motogens). Today, sailboats are almost exclusively used for recreation. Cruising and racing are popular pastimes, with many different options available in each case.