3D model of Interior is the basis for interior production. As limited by exterior shell, depending on overall length and beam, Interior space, however, can be arranged in many different ways and styles, but generally, the main goal is to organize it functionally, to make it comfortable, stylish, ergonomic, visually wide and appealing.
  General Arrangement in previous stage, made in 2D, here rises in 3-rd axis, in real dimensions, and some minor differences may occur, but that is what 3D model is for, to do all checks before any Interior part goes into production.
  The same as in Exterior, 3D model of Interior is the most appropriate way to check shapes and lines, ergonomic issues,style and utility. It helps in presenting all the materials planed for each interior part, using photorealistic renderings. It helps in avoiding any misunderstanding in later stages of the project.